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About Bupwe

Bupwe is a leading microfinance system

It is an integrated web based with a strong fitness to meet the operational needs of most MFIs developed and wholly owned by Girp Systems Pvt Ltd

Manages Customers, Guarantors & Referrals

Customizable Loan Products & Product Limits

Supports Multi-Branch, Multi-Currency

Transaction Authorizations & Audit trail

Customizable Accounting & Budget

Dashboards & Reports

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The Leading Microfinance System

Why Choosing Bupwe!

Few Reasons Why People Choose Bupwe!

The system is a web-based solution which inevitably reduce the running cost as it is accessible from anywhere. Furthermore, support can also be provided remotely.

Real-time Key Performance Indicators

The executive, departmental and financial dashboards highlight the real time key performance indicators for immediate and appropriate intervention

Reliable, Secure, Access Control

Built in security profiles and settings enforce controls so that team and individual users have appropriate permissions to access records consistent with their roles